Round Table

An iOS app that helps students create a network of study groups.

Created as a team project at the University of Houston.

Round Table

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Roland Vassallo

Roland Vassallo

Team Lead, iOS & Web Development

Roland coordinated the project, developed the server code powering the Round Table backend, and wrote the iOS code that communicates with it.

Ankit Goyal

iOS Development

Ankit devised the initial Round Table concept and integrated iOS Twitter code. He updated the code for iOS 6 and published Round Table to the app store.

Chrysanthi Chaleva Ntina

iOS Developent

Chrysanthi developed the core iOS application MVC structure and implemented the front end designs.

Osama Ashawa & Diana Mantilla

UI/UX Design

Osama and Diana designed the application interface and tuned the user experience.


What is Round Table?

Round Table helps students organize group study and homework sessions. It assists students with the task of organizing and communicating study events and provides searching capabilities to find a study group.

Round Table carves its niche with an innovative user interface focused on organizing and sharing events throughout the student community in particular. This makes it stand out from the blizzard of bloated and complex applications available for organizing meetings.

The app allows users to create and edit events, which are published to a public web server where the rest of the event lifecycle is managed. Users are provided with three different search modes enabling them to find events that align with study interests. In addition to the smart and fast searches, Round Table also keeps a close tab on the events, which the user has created and/or plans to attend.

Finally, Round Table provides social network capabilities so users can post study event details to their Facebook and Twitter accounts with utmost ease and convenience, allowing them to reach out to all of peers, even if they do not have an iPhone or the RT app. -Ankit